"Accomplish your goals in life, and you will succeed in everything you believe in. You’ll get all the support you need"

"It’s easier than school.. There’s no pressure"
 "It’s not just about education; they will help you out in your personal life. They help and support you in any way they can"
"Trust for me is a big issue, but you can put your trust in Dóchas don Óige"
"It’s very easy to come to this place, it’s a brilliant place to be"
"The (Burren) was the best craic I ever had in my life"
"I’d rather been in here getting an education than sitting at home doing nothing"
"It makes you feel good and safe coming in here"
"It’s all given to you, pens, books and everything. You just have to show up"

Dóchas don Óige Board of Management

Ena Norris                           Chairperson


Jake Heenan                       Secretary                             Sport (Connaught Rugby)


Michael Dooley                   Treasurer                             Retired Finance


John Kenny                        Member                               Private Enterprise


Michael Coppinger              Member                               Garda Inspector


Eithne McDonnacha             Member                              GRETB


John Mannion                     Member                              Probation Service


Rachel Browne                  Member                              Strengthening families


John Gilcreest                   Member                               Private (HR)

Dóchas don Óige, Liosban Industrial Estate, Tuam Road, Galway, H91 V20H
Tel: 091 770887 Fax: 091 770899