"Accomplish your goals in life, and you will succeed in everything you believe in. You’ll get all the support you need"

"It’s easier than school.. There’s no pressure"
 "It’s not just about education; they will help you out in your personal life. They help and support you in any way they can"
"Trust for me is a big issue, but you can put your trust in Dóchas don Óige"
"It’s very easy to come to this place, it’s a brilliant place to be"
"The (Burren) was the best craic I ever had in my life"
"I’d rather been in here getting an education than sitting at home doing nothing"
"It makes you feel good and safe coming in here"
"It’s all given to you, pens, books and everything. You just have to show up"

About Dóchas don Óige

Dóchas don Óige is a provider of services for young people in the Galway city area. The primary concern of Dóchas don Óige is to provide a second chance. This is a key concept, not only does the centre offer an alternative means of pursuing education for young people, it also guides and counsels young people and their families. The centre receives funding from The Probation Service, the Galway Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB), the European Social Fund (ESF) as well as the European Union.

In conjunction with these organisations, Dóchas don Óige seeks to provide opportunity to the young people in attendance at the centre.  Overall, the focus is on helping young people achieve second level qualifications. All of this is conducted in an environment that encourages involvement and openness. The trainees at the centre take parts in extra curricular activities outside of their academic pursuits, such as field trips, bodyboarding and canoeing.

Dóchas don Óige works alongside similar services in the area. Youthreach in Ballinasloe works as a sister service to the Galway centre.

Outside of the centre’s work with young people, Dóchas don Óige provides a ‘Strengthening Families’ program that caters for the needs of families and encourages the creation of a strong family unit through communication and the involvement of the Strengthening Families coordinator.

Dóchas don Óige is a registered charity and acts in accordance with the Children First Guidelines.

Dóchas don Óige, Liosban Industrial Estate, Tuam Road, Galway, H91 V20H
Tel: 091 770887 Fax: 091 770899